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November 25, 2014

Tempesto Construction Update #4

It has been nearly a month since guests were last able to see what has been happening at the construction site for Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s new, still unannounced coaster, Tempesto. Turns out that during that time, the park has made a ton of progress. What all is done? Well, both massive support towers have begun …

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November 20, 2014

The Evolution of Shrubbery

What do you think of when someone mentions Busch Gardens? Is it the rides and roller coasters? The food? The shows? All of the above? Have you ever thought about the trees, flowers or shrubs? Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW) is the perennial winner of countless awards for beauty and landscaping. You’ve probably seen around the …

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October 9, 2014

Line of Sight Test

While Tempesto is certainly the park’s major ongoing construction endeavor right now, there are a few other projects in the works around the park as well. These include, Christmas Town 2014 setup, continuing last year’s Le Scoot renovations, and more. We’ll get to covering some of those other, smaller projects soon, but today we have something a …

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Looking just a bit more to the left.

October 8, 2014

Tempesto Construction Update #3

After a bit of a delay (mainly caused by helping out with KDFans), it’s finally time for another Tempesto construction update! Today we bring some rather massive news: We have footers! In addition to the sudden appearance of a few fully completed footers, more pile driving is taking place on the Roman Rapids side of the …

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