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Drop Tower In BGW?
By Chris Posted in Featured on October 23, 2009 0 Comments 1 min read
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You may or may not have heard the rumors regarding one of the new attractions that would go along with a new section of the park will be a drop tower. Well… now you have heard the rumor, so let’s discuss it.
I’ve heard the tower would be enclosed but that’s about all I heard about it. I doubt it would be entirely enclosed, rather it would have an enclosed base like Hurakan Condor at Port Aventura:
While I wouldn’t be too excited to see an Intamin ride go into the park (yes, I know Pompeii is an Intamin), I’ll use that specific ride as an example. It’s not just a standard drop tower, they’ve put a new twist on it. It’s a stand-up drop tower (I was confused at first too). It looks like you’re pretty much falling down while essentially putting all of your body weight on your crotch.

I personally would not like if a tower went in. Although I’m sure Busch would do a great job with theming, there’s not a lot that could be done with a big pole standing in the skyline. I hope this never goes any further than the rumor mill.
What do you think about this? Would you be happy to have a drop tower in BGW? Do you think it would be a scar on the skyline of the park? Feel free to leave a comment or discuss it in our FORUMS.

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