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My Howl-O-Scream Trip Last Night
By Chris Posted in Featured on October 3, 2009 0 Comments 5 min read
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I went to HOs last night (10/2/09) and it was quite the experience. My fiancé and I went last Friday and Saturday, so we kind of knew what to expect, but little did we know that we were about to experience a show of jerks like I had never seen at the park before.
The Biggest Jerk Ever To Visit Busch Gardens:
The night started off just fine, beers and food, we went over to check out Jack Is Back in Ireland. My fiancé loved it (she was drunk and singing and dancing along with Jack). Everything was great… until we went over to Bitten/Hunted/Harvest Hollow. The problem was not the line, it moved pretty quickly. The problem was not the staff, they were good as always. The problem was that when we went into Hunted, we happened to be in front of the biggest jerk I’ve ever come across in all my trips to Busch Gardens. This kid was all about making Howl-O-Scream about him. We’ve all run into them at one time or another, the people too cool to be scared and want to let everyone in the house know that’s the case, but this kid took it to the next level. Here’s the actual audio that I recorded when I came to the realization that this kid was going to be the jerk of the season. (Might be tough to do, but listen to the whole thing to be fully annoyed.)

I don’t think I need to say anymore about that kid in particular, he probably annoyed you enough.
The next maze we went through was Cursed. We didn’t start off behind this next couple of women and I’m not sure how we ended up behind them during the maze, but we also didn’t come out of the maze right behind them. One of the women was either mentally disabled or a total freak. As we were going through the section where the mist and drops of water was (it was turned off this day), a hand came out as the woman was passing and scared her, which is what she’s there for. This woman turned around, ran back to the hand and started hitting it. Obviously there’s a cast member attached to that hand and they were none to happy about that happening. She came out and followed the couple to the next cast member not in costume and had them radio a description of the woman.
Now, I knew this woman was going to have a long talk with security and possibly be booted, my fiancé was a little less sure. But, sure enough, when we came out, they had pulled the woman to the side and were probably going to be escorting her to the exit. Good. When it comes to people making the experience all about themselves I’m like an 80 year old man, I just want them out of my way and as far away as possible. It’s not like the park doesn’t have giant signs up saying DON’T TOUCH THE CAST MEMBERS and there isn’t a recording also saying DON’T TOUCH THE CAST MEMBERS. If you have some type of mental deficiency that prohibits you from understanding this concept, you probably shouldn’t be going through the mazes. I’m not blaming this woman if she was actually mentally disabled, but she was there with another woman that was holding her arm, that woman should have known better than to take a person that can’t control their actions through the maze.

More Jerks, More Reason To Ban Young Boys:
Close to the end of the night we went through Cavern of Darkness. Cavern is my fiancé’s favorite so we figured it would be a good way to close out the night. Leave it up to a groups of young boys to say “nope” to that idea. It started out fine, but as we got further into the maze I guess the boys behind us became more and more nervous and started to become louder and louder, obviously in an attempt to yell away their fear of the situation and show off to their friends. Now, they were saying dumb things throughout the maze, but it went completely downhill by the end of the maze, to the point of, and I quote, “Is this McDonalds or am I in the wrong place?”…
You’re in the wrong place, please leave. My biggest problem with these young boys is that, aside from being unnecessarily loud, they just aren’t witty at all. The last part isn’t their fault though, they’re not old enough to have developed an actual sense of what’s funny and what’s not, mostly they emulate what their unfunny friends do.
Still A Good Night:
Despite the jerks mentioned above, it was still a good night, we had some good food, good beer and had plenty of laughs, mostly seeing other people get scared in scarezones. No lie, a girl going through the werewolves scarezone actually threw her drink up in the air and ran away. We’ll be going back on Sunday, I’m expecting a better time as the next day is a school day so there should be fewer kids.

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