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Speculation Continues To Heat Up Surrounding Big Bad Wolf Replacement
By Chris Posted in Featured on December 28, 2009 0 Comments 1 min read
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With the Big Bad Wolf completely deconstructed, the rumors and speculation regarding what will be replacing it are heating up. We’ve all heard the rumors that there will be a new country going into Festhaus Park and a sister coaster to Manta, but there is also some speculation out there that the replacement project will be “a game changer” for the park and would open after the new attraction in Tampa. Supposedly the project will have a hefty price tag as well. Clocking in at a hair over $50 million.
The same speculation is that the project will not be a new country and will not be a new coaster and, while I would be disappointed if the new project did not end in a new country and coaster, I felt that I had to report on this rumor because it came from a legit source.
The question now is, what kind of attraction could cost this much and fit the theming of the park? Everyone knows interactivity is a big new thing in theme parks and I’ve run into the term, “hybrid” in describing the new attraction on more than one occasion. So what could we be looking at here? Any thoughts? Let us know in the FORUMS.

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