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The Big Bad Wolf Last Day Tweet Up
By Chris Posted in Featured on September 7, 2009 0 Comments 6 min read
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As you probably know if you’re visiting this site, today, Sep. 7th, is the last day The Big Bad Wolf will be operating. This classic coaster will make it’s last run sometime tonight and I’ll be posting updates, pictures and videos all day from the park.
This post is not going to be like any other post that has come before, in that, it is going to be updated live from our Twitter account. Normally our tweets are kept in the little widget in the sidebar, but I’ll be sending far more than five tweets today and this post will be able to show you more than you would otherwise see without going to our actual Twitter page.
This is the transcript of the tweet up:

– Last #bigbadwolf train coming back into the station.

– Last #bigbadwolf train leaving the station.

– Some filming going on at #bigbadwolf

– The auction winners. #bigbadwolf

– @amusementradio haha, that’s about right, including the AR at the end. #bigbadwolf

– The rain has started to come down again, it’s funeral weather for sure. #bigbadwolf

– Chanting #bigbadwolf and howling in the station now.

– Everyone in the station is howling right now.

– @amusementradio that’s exactly what I was thinking of too.

– The winners of the auction are being escorted to what’s become a media area directly across from the exit of #bigbadwolf

– Channel 3 is here, I’m sure the other local stations will be turning out for #bigbadwolf as well.

– Basically no line for #bigbadwolf right now. The bad weather really toned this day down a ton.

– Back at the park #bigbadwolf tweet up has recommenced!

– @coastercrew I’ve been there all day and will be going back out for the end of the day after I get my phone charged up.

– I’ll be back at the park by 6 to finish out the day and stick around for the very last run of #bigbadwolf, tweet up back on!

– I’m going to lobby a certain person to get back out here tonight for the actual last run of #bigbadwolf

– My day has ended, but I’ll be back every day this week if weather permits, so stay tuned for more news about BGW! Goodbye #bigbadwolf

– a post on the site about how that went, but my phone is on the edge of death, so the tweet up has ended, but check out @BGEscape.

– I want to thank everyone that followed our tweet up today, one of our site contributors has a seat on the last run, so we’ll have…

– @CoastinEast Right now the line is about halfway through the first queue house, really not a bad wait at all.

– I’ve officially taken my last ride on #bigbadwolf, it’s a bit sad.

– RT @ParkThoughts: I’m leaving for #Carowinds! Watch for some TwitPics in the next hour!

– Looks like it’s going to be at least a few hours without rain here, get here if you can and get your last ride on #bigbadwolf!

– Oh, forgot to mention, the #bigbadwolf sign that was in the station has been moved to just outside the exit so people can still get pictures

– Food was good, back on #bigbadwolf in like 30 minutes.

– The Art Attack painter here is ridiculous! I suggest you make time to come see this quick little show when you’re in the park.

– A lot of howling going on in the #bigbadwolf station.

– That last ride on #bigbadwolf left me soaked. Roman Rapids soaked.

– RT @amusementradio: @bgwfans Its a rain policy. They can not run 3 trains in the rain.

– Another ride on #bigbadwolf then it’s time for some lunch at the Festhaus.

– So many people were taking pictures at the #bigbadwolf sign right after the ride that they just took it down.

– It appears train 3 for #bigbadwolf retired early, it’s been in the barn all day.

– #bigbadwolf in the rain, not bad.

– I’m up next! #bigbadwolf

– RT @BGEscape: Just rode #bigbadwolf and the sky opened up raining. Even the heavens are crying.

– Don’t know of you can see the rain in this vid, but you can def. see #bigbadwolf

– It’s officially raining at Busch Gardens. I’ll still ride #bigbadwolf though.

– Quick-queue is available for use on #bigbadwolf today. I suggest if you’ve got some extra cash, you make that investment.

– In line for #bigbadwolf again. The drizzle is killing any uncovered line at this point.

– good first ride on #bigbadwolf now to the end of the line again.

– @Coasterfusion getting close! #bigbadwolf

– Here’s the line for #bigbadwolf

– In Germany, on the way to #bigbadwolf

– Just looked at the radar, looks like it’s about to be a total washout today. Hope the weather holds off for #bigbadwolf.

– It’s pretty windy today, the Griffon supports are visibly shaking.

– spending some time at Alpengeist while I wait for #bigbadwolf to open.

– Off todays topic, but I wish tourists would stop insisting that Griffon is Alpengeist as they walk past it. It irks me.

– Is this how it normally looks prior to 10? #bigbadwolf

– RT @coasterradio: This is how the seats will look after today. 🙁 #bigbadwolf

– the line for LNM is a show, lots of people here today, I wonder why. #bigbadwolf

– That’s cheap! Oktoberfest isn’t opening until 11 today. That’s one less hour of #bigbadwolf.

– At the park, ready to ride #bigbadwolf as many times as possible.

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