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What We Know About Christmas Town 2010
By Chris Posted in Featured on December 30, 2009 0 Comments 2 min read
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This is just going to be a small blurb about the few things we know about Christmas Town 2010. There will be ongoing discussion in our FORUMS, but I’ll talk about a couple things now.
The first thing we know is that there will be a Christmas Town 2010. this was not necessarily a given until we saw the outstanding turnout for the event. I’m not sure that the park even expected the turnout to be so high as evidenced by the multiple occasions when the park had to close to new visitors a couple hours after opening. So, obviously the park will be looking to increase capacity next year, which leads us to the next thing we know…
Italy will be open during Christmas Town in 2010! We’re not sure if all of Italy will be open, or if only part of it will be open. I’m assuming that at the least the San Marco, DaVinci Gardens and Pompeii areas will be open to complete the park’s walking circle, but Festa may or may not be open. We also don’t know what this means for other attractions that will be open, but I’m thinking we can count on the DaVinci Gardens rides (outside of DaVinci’s Cradle since it apparently hates cold weather) being open and some shows in the San Marco Theater at the least.
One thing that has surprised people about Christmas Town 2010 is that the current schedule is for the same number of days as this years. Obviously there is plenty of time for the park to change the schedule (many people seem to want the schedule extended through New Year and include a New Year’s celebration) and I’m thinking that an extension of the schedule will be made eventually. Currently the schedule is from Nov. 26 to Dec. 26.
So, that’s what we know as of yet, more information will be coming down the pipe and we’ll be letting you know as we find out.

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