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2010 HOS Information Starts Coming In
By Chris Posted in Featured on August 30, 2010 0 Comments 3 min read
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As we all know, confirmed information regarding the 2010 Howl-O-Scream attractions has been slow coming, but now we’re getting the first confirmed reports of some of the attractions.
Before I get into what the attractions are, I’d like to point out how the event will be covered this season. Last season, we used the main site to do all the coverage of the event. Alot’s changed. The main site will include basic news about the event, relying on the forums and the new wiki for specific updates. You can still expect a large picture and video presentation here on the main site at the beginning of HOS, but you’ll get more information sooner if you use the forums and wiki.
With that out of the way, here’s some info about confirmed attractions. The selling point for this year’s How-O-Scream seems to be that the entire park is a scarezone, there is no place safe. With that in mind, there will still be theming by hamlet which will resemble the old system of scarezones.
England will be included and will take on the theme of a Victorian funeral. You can certainly expect a lot of ravens watching you, and don’t be surprised to see faceless townsfolk and/or a giant birdman.
The Wild Reserve will be home to spiders. Lots and lots of spiders in an area being called “The Webs”.
France will be plagued by rats, expect to see swarms of them overhead and the remains of their victims. Expect more than rubber prop rats for this area.
New France will feature a logging camp complete with chainsaws and hooks. Expect it to be loud.
Rhienfeld will go back to the boarded up windows this year, but unlike last year, there will supposedly be surprises in the dark corners of the village.
It’s no surprise that Festhaus Park will once again be home to at least one scarezone. The one we’ve been able to confirm thus far is called, “The Field of Screams”, where the buried come to life. So, expect some old german zombies in this one.
Italy will be home to “Bewitched & Bewildered”. Exact details were not available, but clearly it has something to do with witches.
This year the path beside Escape From Pompeii will be inhabited by mummies in an area called, “Pathway of the Ancients”.
There will be a refuge for the little ones this year, Sesame Street: Forest of Fun will provide, “The Lighter Side of Halloween”.
You can also expect to see 6 mazes in the park, 4 shows, including “Jack is Back”, 4 “other” attractions (like the photo opportunities and movies playing last year) as well as each hamlet having it’s own theme and scare actors roaming about.
For more information about Howl-O-Scream, refer to the Busch Gardens Wiki and get involved in the discussions about the event in our FORUMS.
Stay tuned for more information, it should become available very soon!

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