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2010 Should Be Your Season Of Behind The Scenes Tours
By Nora Posted in Featured on March 10, 2010 0 Comments 7 min read
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An In-Depth Look at the 2010 Behind the Scenes Tours at Busch Gardens Williamsburg
-Nora Marien March 10, 2010
Think you know all there is to know at Busch Gardens? Think again!! This year Busch Gardens Williamsburg is putting together some amazing Behind-the Scenes tours for all of us folks who can’t get enough of our favorite theme park! 2010 is going to be an amazing season and your adventure awaits!
Here at BGWFans, we know what our readers like and therefore we have collected some information about Tour Opportunities available this year. Got a moment? Good! Now check this out:

Behind the Scenes: A Roller Coaster Experience

Duration 3hrs
Age limit 14 yrs *younger guests have other options
Cost: $74 *Season Pass Holders receive a discount
This tour is a must see for any coaster and Busch Gardens fan!!! Basically, the coaster tour includes:
* Tour Loch Ness, Griffon, Alpengeist, Apollo’s Chariot maintenance areas and speak with maintenance personnel on daily maintenance/operation of rides.
* Learn how our coasters are designed, built and constructed from concept to opening.
* Learn cool facts about the construction/operation of our coasters.
* Park History (woo!) is shared along to tour to include some of the other Sea World Parks & Entertainment Parks.
* Ride to the top of the Griffon lift via the elevator system. At the top, get out of the “cart” and walk around on top. (Awesome)
* Photographer on the tour to take pictures. Photos are taken at the top of Griffon too! (Sweet!) All personal cameras are welcome on the tour, but can’t be taken on the coasters themselves.
* Ride all 4 coasters twice without waiting in line. Loch Ness, Griffon and Alpengeist are ridden before the park opens. Front of the line pass is given to all guests on the tour to be able to come back and experience all 4 coasters during park operation without waiting in line.
* Photo CD of tour is included in price.
* Questions are welcome on the tour.
* Be the first guests of the day to enter the park! (You get to be let in at 7:45 am folks!) Groups are limited in size for a smaller more personal experience.

Behind the Steams: A Railroad Experience

Duration 1.5 hrs
Age limit: 14
Price: $39.95 *Season Pass Holders receive a discount
Come on, we all have wanted at some point to blow the whistle on Busch Gardens beautiful Locomotives. Now is your chance! This tour includes:
* Being able to watch and talk with the crew while they prepare the trains for the park opening.
* A one-on-one ride later in the day that gives you a chance to see what is like to be in control of all the mechanics of the train.
* One trip around the park that teaches you the fireman’s side of the train.
* A Second trip that gives you the ability to actually adjust the valves, control the train, and blow the whistle. All of this, and you get to stand RIGHT beside the engineer himself.
* Preferred Parking Upgrade
* Photo CD of tour is included in price.
* Early entrance to the park. Tour check-in begins at 7:40 am

The Guided Adventure Tour
Duration 6 Hrs
Age limit: None
Price: $84.95 *Season Pass Holders receive a discount
The longest Tour available and packed full of cool perks. This is what awaits you if you decide to go all out and select this package:
* Free Preferred Parking Upgrade
* Escorted Front-of-the-line single riding for most of the major rides and attractions; including the fabulously famous BGW roller Coasters.
* Behind the scenes look at DarKastle
* Reserved seating to watch the show at Abby Stone Theater (This year there is a brand new show called “Celtic Fyre”; an Irish celebration filled with stories, singers, musicians and the magic of Irish dance),
* Lunch is provided in one of in-park dining areas
* A Quick Queue Pass is given to you after the tour concludes.
* Tour Check-In is at 9am.

Behind the Memories Tour
Duration 4 Hrs
Age limit: None
Price: $49.95 *Season Pass Holders receive a discount
Ever wonder just how much work goes in to getting the park ready each day? Busch Gardens takes a great deal of pride in having a well prepared crew, wonderful selection of food and drinks, and a safe and clean experience for their guests the moments the gates open. Prepare to be awed with the level of quality you’ll find at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Here is what is included:
* Behind the scenes look at DarKastle
* An in-depth look at the Escape from Pompeii special effects.
* Get to walk around Busch Gardens In-House Bakery
* A landscape tour of Italy Gardens
* Up-Close look at the Loch Ness Maintenance Area
* Reserved seating at Abby Stone Theater
* Check in is at 8:45 am

Behind the Garden: A Wildlife Habitat Experience

Duration 1 Hr
Age limit: None
Price: $14.95 *Season Pass Holders receive a discount
A Perfect Package for gardeners and wildlife enthusiasts! Tour Includes:
* A Busch Gardens Master Gardener will give you a personal tour of the certified Wildlife Habitat Garden.
* Gain knowledge about the 120+ varieties of plants.
* Learn how Busch Gardens provides for the plants, insects, and wildlife that reside within the habitat**
* An overview of how you can help with conservation by creating your own certified habitat within your own home
* Check in is 15 minutes prior to your tour at Lorikeet Glen

Animals Up Close
Duration 30 Minutes
Age limit: 5 +
Price: $19.95 *Season Pass Holders receive a discount
Get to pet and hold some of the animals; even feed one a snack! Get to meet other animals such as the African Serval, Wallaroo, Sloth, and Alligator! Tour starts 15 minutes prior to the start of your tour at the Caribou Pottery. Each tour is a little different each time, so a repeat tour may be in order!

Wolf Training Spotlight

Duration 30 Minutes
Age limit: 5 +
Price: $19.95 *Season Pass Holders receive a discount
A tour I will take for sure! Meet the Wolf Pack and imagine yourself a part of the furry, sharp-toothed clan. The Wolf Pack includes: Grey Wolves; Kashmir, Durango, Lakota, and Tala. Arctic Wolves; Odin and Sikko. You will be taught by the wolf trainers the same principles and techniques they use when working with the wolves. Who knows, you may get to toss a Wolf a treat yourself! Everyone will get the chance to ask a Wolf to perform a behavior once you have been trained. Check-In for the tour is 15 minutes Prior to your tour of Lorikeet Glen.

Don’t forget that All Tours are subject to availability and must be purchased in advance. All Height Restrictions apply on rides and General Admission is not included and must be purchased separately.
Busch Gardens also offers Dining Packages and Group Rates.

Visit to read all about the tours and book your reservations now!!!!!
Why wait?

The Disclaimer: * The above information was compiled in order to provide information for Busch Gardens Fans and promote interest to the Behind the Scenes Tours. is not affiliated with Busch Gardens Parks. does not receive any profit from Tour Sales. Much of the information above was taken straight from Busch Gardens Williamsburg Website and other sources affiliated with the park.
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