The park has announced that this Friday, April 30, Gov. Bob McDonnell will be in the park to celebrate the official opening of Celtic Fyre and the first “test flights” taking place for Europe In The Air. The park will be opening at 9 am, so on top of Europe In The Air opening, you’ll get an extra hour in the park!
I’m not sure if this is the official opening date for Europe In The Air and I’m unsure whether or not it will be operating normally as the park has labeled this as a “test flight” day. I’m sure it’s just so any last minute adjustments need to be made before the 1st, which we heard was the official opening date.
I’ll be there at 9 am to try to get a look at Europe In The Air and grab some pictures of the event and send out some tweets. So, make sure you follow us on Twitter @bgwfans.
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