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BGW Project 2011 Scuttlebutt
By Chris Posted in Featured on August 3, 2010 0 Comments 1 min read
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Some information from a forum member that has been historically reliable in regards to happenings at BGW, vaughanvt24, has been provided in our forums. Obviously this is unconfirmed information but it sounds like a reasonable plan for the Oktoberfest expansion. Apparently the tower is going roughly in the spot Katapult is currently located, with Katapult obviously moving, but not far from it’s current location and will be covered or located indoors. The big swings will be staying in their current location, while the small swings will replace the “high striker” game across from Roto Baron.
There is also the possibility of a new bridge built beside the carousel to connect to the area the tower will inhabit. Many may not remember that there once was a bridge which allowed guests to bypass the games area of Oktoberfest. You can still see the remains of the bridge if you look close enough in the right spot.
As far as timeframe for completion, it will happen in phases between the end of Howl-O-Scream and the beginning of the 2011 season with the majority of construction coming after Christmas Town ends.
How close is this information to the true plans? Come let us know what you think in the FORUMS.

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