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Busch Gardens Makes Announcement Regarding New & Updated Attractions
By Chris Posted in Featured on January 28, 2010 0 Comments 1 min read Project 2010 Previous A New Day, New Clues [Updated] Next

Check out the video, details follow:

Here’s the press release (PDF): Press Release
Alright, so we have confirmation about the updates in Ireland we thought were going to happen. I’d guess the name of the new show in Abbeystone is going to be Everwyld (perhaps).
Europe In The Air sounds like it make be like Soarin’, it terms of visuals and Illuminights (more info) sounds like it could be a fun experience.
If you visit this site regularly (or have for the past week), you already knew about the Actions Sports tournament, but what we were apparently wrong about was the dates of the events. This will apparently take place over the last three weekends in May, not the dates listed at the Aire Force Reserve site that was linked to. We also didn’t know about the B-52’s coming to the park (that should make certain people in the forums happy). has been updated to give you information on the acts confirmed to be performing this season.
What do you think? Are you surprised? Excited? Both? Come join the discussion in our FORUMS.
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