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The park released these two pictures as the hint of an area of the park that will be updated for 2010. If you’re having a difficult time recognizing what these are a picture of, it’s the tree you see when you enter Ireland from Heatherdowns. If you visit this site regularly it should be no surprise to hear that Emerald Beat and Corkscrew Hill are being replaced. It is unlikely that there will be any other changes in Ireland for 2010. So, we’ll say… first riddle solved.
Another hint has been given:

What’s 14’ tall, 30’ wide and 52’ long, and is going to be in Festhaus Park this spring?

I’m thinking this is just too big for a stage for the concerts, and sounds like it might be just the right dimensions for a train station. A train station would be a good first step in a park expansion, as a new train station might help quite a bit in traffic flow in a new section.
We’re all familiar with the talk of grade issues back by Festhaus Park that would cause a train problems if it stopped there. But it seems to me that the park could fairly easily fix this issue (if indeed it is true).
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