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Celtic Fyre Is Absurdly Good
By Chris Posted in Featured, Reviews on March 31, 2010 0 Comments 2 min read
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[singlepic id=1536 w=320 h=240 float=left]There were some park-goers that were concerned at the end of last season that the park would lose a good show and obviously had no guarantee that whatever replaced it would be on par with a show they had come to love. Well, we found out a few months ago what the name of the new show was and we learned more recently what the story behind Celtic Fyre was, but we had to wait up until last weekend to actually get a peek at what the park has been working on through the off-season.
I’ll start off by saying that the show is one of the better shows that I’ve ever seen at Busch… ever. Take note that when I say that I’m talking about a performance that is still considered “in previews” and the show will be undergoing any tweaks the park feels are needed. When the final product takes the stage, it should be even better.
When you walk into the theater, you’ll notice that it looks quite a bit different than it did for Emerald Beat. The stage is now a pub, complete with a bar and the sides of the theater have a new look to go with the new set. It was also interesting to see how the performers interacted with the guests seated at the tables located at the foot of the stage and with the rest of the audience as well, actually coming out into the crowd to shake hands at one point.
Celtic Fyre has a clearly defined story (a wedding celebration) that is told through traditional Irish song and dance. The performers seemed to be in great condition and the “superior skills” that the park was requiring during auditions was clearly demonstrated. The music was great and helped the story flow effortlessly and while there was some recorded music playing, it was the live band that gave the show its liveliness. My favorite part of the show was the dance off between the dancers that subscribed to the traditional Irish dance and the dancers that used a more Americanized style of tap dancing.
It’s not a surprise to me that the park has created another great show, it’s been something the park has always prided itself on, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised at just how good the show is. Make sure you make time during your day to catch this show, it runs about 25 minutes, and it’s good enough that you’ll wish it was longer.
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