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JCC Comment Letter Provides Insight Into 2012 Coaster
By Chris Posted in Featured on December 10, 2010 0 Comments 1 min read
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Forum user vaughanvt24 pointed out earlier today that a comment letter haas been posted regarding the “multi-launch” coaster slated to be opened during the 2012 season. The letter follows the balloon test that was conducted to determine whether or not the new ride would be visible from different locations surrounding the park. According to the letter the balloon was not visible from any of the locations JCC staff used during the test. This means the ride is going to be relatively short (in comparison to the other roller coasters in the park). According to the letter, the actual coaster cannot be any taller than 95 feet. As a point of reference, the length of the second drop on The Big Bad Wolf was 100 feet.
The definition of “existing grade” is also discussed in the letter, with the JCC staff indicating the “event building” would be 56 ft. above sea level and the “themed bridge” would be 55ft. above sea level.
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