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Looks Like No Vacant Land Beside Festa Anytime Soon
By Chris Posted in Featured on January 7, 2010 0 Comments 1 min read
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As has been mentioned here previously here, there was some speculation that the removal of the Clydesdales from the park would clear the way for expansion of the park into the land beside Festa Italia that only has stables and an employee path. It’s now looking like this will not be happening anytime soon as the park has already added some animals to the park as sheep and rams were seen in the stables in Heatherdowns at the end of Christmas Town and SeaWorld Orlando has added new horses to the park. It looks like the park will still be using the stables beside Festa for the new additions to the park.
It’s hard to say whether or not the park will be adding new horses (or even keeping the sheep), but I wouldn’t get to excited about something being built beside Festa for the foreseeable future.
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