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More Info About The New Drop Tower
By Chris Posted in Featured on May 15, 2010 0 Comments 1 min read
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I’ve come across some more information regarding the new drop tower. It would appear the park has made preliminary plans with the tower being in different locations. The James City County Planning Commission has made it clear that one of the sites submitted by the park is preferred due to it being located behind Griffon when viewed from Route 60 and thus being less visible. They have also noted that just like pretty much everything else above 60 ft. in James City County, the color should be “muted” or “blend with the sky” (white or blue). The Commission has also requested that any lighting that would be visible outside of the park to be very limited. So, I wouldn’t expect to see any fireballs coming out of the top.
There will be an additional height simulation completed soon. It’s not going to be done during park hours, but, I’ll see if I can catch some pictures of a balloon floating over the park from different areas near it.

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