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More Information About IllumiNights
By Chris Posted in Featured on May 19, 2010 0 Comments 2 min read
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One of our forum members, FlyerMiles, posted a little blurb about some new info he had come across on the park’s website. Basically what his post says is that IllumiNights is going to be awesome.
Between June 28 & August 22, the park will transform nightly into a celebration like nothing we’ve seen at BGW before. All of the countries will have events including live performances, music and special effects (light shows). The park has also broken down what will be going on in the different countries.
Performers will tell a tale of leprechauns, a lost fortune and fairy princesses while large puppets inhabit the rooftops of Killarney. I’m guessing the puppets will be the inflatable puppets the park had set up when Europe in the Air opened.
The first parade in park history will take place in France inspired by the World’s Fair held in Paris at the turn of the century.
The park will be unveiling the world’s largest living cuckoo clock. The entire front of Das Festhaus will be transformed into a German cuckoo clock with live performers replacing the wooden figures.
Da Vinci’s Garden of Inventions will be inhabited by street performers performing “impossible feats” with acrobatics, contortion and balancing with water and fire.
A full-scale fireworks show will end the night with a special Rhine River Cruise tour going out to give guests the best view of the finale.
This looks like it will be a great event and is more evidence of the park’s return to it’s past, which included street performers. It demonstrates the park’s desire to provide quality events and experiences for the guests. I’m looking forward to this event and I foresee this being a very successful endeavor for the park in bringing plenty of guests in.
What do you think? Come discuss in our FORUMS.
Rumor has it that some of the LeMans Raceway cars will be making appearances during the parades in France. It certainly would go along with the theme of the turn of the century World’s Fair, as automobiles were becoming the new fangled toys for the rich at that time.

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