The park released a new clue today in the form of a YouTube video and it sounds like a skateboard. I’m away from my computer right now, so I’ll update this post as soon as possible, but for now it would seem that the park is planning on hosting a skate event in Festhaus Park this spring.
Here’s the video posted on YouTube (you need the sound on):

The video is tagged under “Pets & Animals” on YouTube. Perhaps that was a mistake, or perhaps we’re looking at a show that involves skateboarding animals.
Mystery Solved:
Alright, I solved it. It’s the Action Sports Tour sponsored by the Air Force Reserve and will be held April 24-25.
Here’s the link:
Action Sports Tour.
The park has given another clue:

What’s nearly seven times sharper than broadcast HD?

Any thoughts? My guess is digital 3D, perhaps the revamped system for something replacing Corkscrew Hill.
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