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New Information About "Europe In The Air"
By Chris Posted in Featured on February 5, 2010 0 Comments 1 min read
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We got some new information about the new simulator ride that will be taking Corkscrew Hill’s place in 2010 thanks to Twitter, and specifically @bewactor. This information was relayed to us through our forums by FutureImagineer:

bewactor @mybuschgardens For Europe in the Air, is the ride system being updated or just reprogrammed? What about updates to the queue theeming?
MyBuschGardens @bewactor re-theming the ride which includes system upgrade & new programming. The queue theming will be updated to complement the new ride
bewactor @mybuschgardens Thank you! I’m so excited!!! Will it be in 3-D?
MyBuschGardens @bewactor No not in 3D. But will be seven times sharper than broadcast HD

So, no 3-D, but it looks to be a mild form of “UHD” or “Super Hi-Vision” since the park is claiming it will be seven times sharper than Broadcast HD. Keep in mind that broadcast quality HD is 720p at this point in the United States and 1080p is about three times as sharp as broadcast HD (I could very well be mistaken on the sharpness level). So, this ride should feature footage sharper than anything you’ve probably seen.
They also mention a ride system upgrade (hopefully those hard seats are getting replaced) and a completely updated queue to fit the theme of the ride. This will be the first time the queue has changed since Questor was in the park two decades ago.
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