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New Permit Requests Give Some Information About Multi-Launch Coaster
By Chris Posted in Featured on November 28, 2010 0 Comments 1 min read
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The park has applied for some additional permits related to the construction of the new multi-launch coaster slated to open in 2012 on the former site of the Big Bad Wolf. The permits indicate the new attraction will include a 25,300 sq. ft. building, that, according the The Virginia Gazette will stand 8 stories high. They also indicate that there will be a “themed bridge” located 95 ft. above current grade.
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For reference, Curse of DarKastle sits in a building that is, according to county documents, 40,000 square feet. If the Gazette article is correct in regards to the height of the building, we should not expect a large portion of the building to be that height. It may be a theme element that reaches 80 ft. rather than the entire structure.
UPDATE: WY Daily has some more information about the coaster, indicating that the “existing grade” is the base of the ravine and that the ride will interact with the old Big Bad Wolf station, the new “event building” and the new bridge.
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