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Passmember Preview Day
By Chris Posted in Featured on March 20, 2010 0 Comments 2 min read
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Today was Passmember Preview Day at the park and was also a BGWFans Forums meet up. The meet up went well with a few members of both our forums and BGEscape. The day went well also, perfect weather and a crowd size that wasn’t absurd. Today was mostly a day of walking around, enjoying the park and taking pictures.
Jack Hanna Breakfast
The day started for us at breakfast, which was in Das Festhaus before the park opened to everyone else. The park had trams setup to take us back through the backstage/employee area to get in and it all went smoothly.
There were a number of animals shown including a palm civet, baby kangaroo, baby bears, a serval cat & some of the new inhabitants of the Highland Stables. You can check some pictures out in the gallery at the bottom of the post.
Loch Ness Monster
The new paint job on Nessie has helped her gain some smoothness again. The park striped away years worth of chipping paint and tiny divets on the track to replace it with a great looking smooth yellow coat. This also happened to be our first meet up spot for the day, and despite getting in line and leaving someone out (sorry FlyerMiles) we had a good time. It actually worked out so that we were able to get on the same train.
Make sure you check out the new paint job on Nessie sometime this year. Don’t expect B&M smoothness, but try to remember what it was like in years past and you’ll be satisfied.
The Rest Of The Day
We took a ride on Alpie and Griffon and spent the better part of the day relaxing and grabbing plenty of pictures to throw up on the site. Which you can see in the gallery below.
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