Sorry about the lack of update this past weekend for Ramp Jam, I was busy going through the process of adopting a dog and it took pretty much all of my attention away from everything else. However, I wanted to remind everyone that if you missed Ramp Jam this past weekend like I did, you still have multiple chances to catch the events. The next couple weekends will see the athletes performing multiple times throughout the day.
The weekend of the 15th/16th will feature skateboarders Danny Mayer & Adam Taylor, BMX riders Kevin Robinson & Simon Tabron and inline skaters Marc Englehart & Marco De Santi. So, like I said, if you didn’t get a chance to get out to the park, the next couple weekends will give you the chance to participate in the fun. So get out to the park and head over to Festhaus Park! If you still can’t get out to the park, the Griffon webcam is now being used to show the event. You can still get to the cam by going to since I’m not sure if the cam will be going back up on Griffon. If it becomes clear that the Griffon webcam is no more, then we will modify the site as needed.