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Rumor - Webcam Coming To Griffon
By Chris Posted in Featured on April 9, 2010 0 Comments 1 min read
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Earlier today I was standing beside Griffon and noticed that there was a locked wifi network named, “LiveStream”. I thought at that point that it certainly sounded like a network that would be… streaming something live and quickly deduced that this added to the fact that park officials flatly stated that they wanted to expand their use of webcams equals a cam coming to Griffon soon.
From what I hear we can expect to see the cam very soon and the existence of a network that is already turned on indicates we should expect it to come on in a matter of weeks after whatever setup and testing the park is going to do. I’m excited to see where the cam is located and it will probably be open in a window at all times when I’m at my computer. As far as location, I’ve heard it could be located at the top of the coaster and would be angled for a spectacular view.
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