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Some New Features To Look For From This Season
By Chris Posted in Featured on February 13, 2010 0 Comments 3 min read
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2010 will be the second season covered by; lots has happened in the past year and in an effort to continue providing great info for the public about what’s going on in the park, we’re proud to announce that we will be providing some new features this season in addition to our secret project.
Food Reviews:
The aim here is obviously to provide information about the food in the park. Most people (including myself) are creatures of habit and we probably keep going back to get the same meals that we always do. Well, it’s time to expand our culinary world and hopefully this will help us do that. The reviews will be detailed and will, as said before, cover as many meals as we can handle. The food review section will be handled by one of our staff members, Tanisha Elam, but you can also expect to see a few reviews from me.
The way we are looking to handle the reviews are that there will be a page dedicated to them, but they will also be posted on the front page when completed.
Show Reviews:
One of the most popular aspects of Busch Gardens is undoubtably the shows. We will be providing detailed reviews of all of the shows the park puts on. There will likely be multiple reviews for each of the shows since it’s best to get multiple opinions out there and the reviews will be completed by not only myself, but members of the Forums.
The show reviews will also have their own dedicated page and will be posted on the front page when completed.
2010 will be the inaugural season for This site is, as the name suggests, dedicated to the concerts being held at the park. The site will be offering not only reviews of the concerts, but also information about the acts. A one stop shop for the concerts being held at the park if you will.
We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience here on the site and give visitors more to visit for. There are multiple projects we’re working on this season, including one big project that won’t be released until the end of the season (until it’s released, it’s code name is Project Dragon Sight). We’re also looking to do some contests this season to provide some new merchandise we’re working on, so stay tuned for that (I’d suggest you make sure to follow BGWFans on Twitter).
I want to sincerely thank all of our visitors for making this project of mine worthwhile. Your support lets me know that I’m not the only one that cares about what is happening at the park and pushes me to come up with new content for you. Thanks, 2010 promises to be a great season!

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