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The Case For A Legitimate In-Park Sit-Down Restaurant
By Chris Posted in Featured on March 23, 2010 0 Comments 3 min read Will Be On The Move This Weekend Previous Passmember Preview Day Next

For the past few weeks the forum users have been discussing whether or not we think a legitimate sit-down restaurant within the park would do well. So I decided to put a little post up and state the case for putting a restaurant in the park.
If the concept of a sit-down, full service, restaurant within a theme park is foreign to you, you’re not alone. It was something that I only equated to Disney parks until I took a trip to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure and came upon Mythos. The restaurant was a welcome departure from the cafeteria style of restaurant we have in BGW. It was nice to sit inside, have a drink and enjoy the great views the restaurant offered.
So, where could a restaurant go in BGW? Well, in our forums the idea of a restaurant located where the Big Bad Wolf (wiki) station currently sits has been brought up. Yes, it would be close to Das Festhaus (wiki), but provide a completely different experience. However, I think there might be an even better spot than the BBW station. The downside is that it would require the removal of something, but the upside of that downside is that it would require only half of it to be removed.
So what would have to be removed? Half of Land of the Dragons. Land of the Dragons is getting up there in age and it’s counterpart in Tampa has already been replaced. Removal of just half of LOD would provide a good amount of space (plenty for a good size restaurant). Of course I have some pictures for you to look at as visual aids.
[nggallery id=33]
As you can see in the pictures above if the left half of LOD was removed and the path connected to Wilkommenhaus (wiki) was expanded there would be enough room for a building and a path to it. The views could also be amazing as you’d be next to Alpengeist (wiki), Loch Ness Monster (wiki) & Griffon (wiki). Large windows providing panoramic views of these attractions would be a requirement for a restaurant in this location to live up to its potential but it could be great.
We’re lucky here in Williamsburg to have a park that has invested and continues to invest heavily in culinary operations, I think adding a restaurant open just for lunch that is complete with a staff of legitimate chefs creating unique dishes would be a great addition to the experience and give people yet another reason to come back to the park. Also, needless to say, if the park was to do something like this, the level of quality would definitely put it in the running for best theme park restaurant (a title currently held by the aforementioned Mythos).
What do you think? Get involved in the discussion in our FORUMS.

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