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Time To Get Out The Vote For Apollo's Chariot [Updated]
By Chris Posted in Featured on April 1, 2010 0 Comments 1 min read
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Today brings the big day for the Theme Park Insider tournament. It’s time to vote for the best roller coaster in the country. Apollo’s Chariot is going up against The Voyage, a woodie located in Holiday World. AC has pretty much destroyed the other rides on our poll, well, it’s time to bring this one home on a national level. So make sure you go vote for Apollo’s Chariot HERE and get your friends to vote for it as well. I expect that this will be a huge matchup since both parks are very plugged in to the social networking scene. That means your vote actually does count, cause this will most likely be a nail-biter.
Well, it looks like, despite a valiant effort, Apollo’s Chariot fell a little short and The Voyage won the title of Best Roller Coaster in the Country. Thanks to everyone that participated!
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