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Adventure River Coming to Ocean Breeze
By Zachary Posted in Featured on December 6, 2011 0 Comments 2 min read
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An Ocean Breeze article on the front page? What is this hypocrisy?! Well, it’s always best to keep tabs on the “competition“, right? We’re a few days late on the news, but as you could probably guess from the title, Ocean Breeze has yet another attraction to open in 2012- just one year after adding 4 new Proslide attractions collectively known as Neptune’s Revenge and a revamped children’s water play area named Hook’s Lagoon. Adventure River, Ocean Breeze’s 2012 addition, will be an Aquatic Development Group made river attraction that sounds like it will be somewhere between a lazy river and a Hubba Hubba Highway clone. Here’s the description found in the official press release:

“At the new attraction, guests will be able to settle into a tube and drift in a steady current, through rollicking waves, past waterfalls, spray features and geysers designed to keep guests refreshed on hot summer days.”

What really caught my eye though was the concept art:

Adventure River Concept Art
The official concept art for Adventure River opening at Ocean Breeze in 2012

I haven’t been to Ocean Breeze since they’ve been bought by the new owners (two former Six Flags executives), but I can say this: The last time I went to Ocean Breeze it felt like a slab of concrete with some waterslides. What I see here is Water Country quality. If they’re successful in making the attraction look anything like the concept art and slowly continue to transform the rest of the park in such a way, WCUSA better watch its back because I see Ocean Breeze turning itself into a fairly strong competitor over the next few years.
Anyway, as you can see from the concept art, there are various other smaller additions in the new area as well such as a new bar and grill, cabanas, a new restroom facility, and a new footbridge leading to the area that crosses Owl Creek. The new addition is planned to open with the park in 2012. As stated above, you can read the full press release here. Want to talk about the news? There’s already a thread for it on the BGWFans Forums.

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