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Howl-O-Scream 2011 Information Starts Coming In
By Chris Posted in Featured on July 13, 2011 0 Comments 2 min read
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We aren’t even halfway into summer and already Howl-O-Scream information is starting to come in. According to multiple sources, the ground floor of Escape From Pompeii has been completely gutted to make way for an entirely new house. No word yet on what the exact theme of the house will be, but a revamp of Pompeii has been overdue. According to a source last year the revamp was supposed to take place in 2010, but for logistical reasons, it wasn’t completed. The same source provided us with an image from a mummy museum in Mexico that was apparently being used as a reference to develop the concept.
There is also word that Europe In The Air may be used as a maze this year again. It would make sense as 1.) Europe In The Air is not extremely popular and there won’t be a reason to escape the heat during fall evenings and 2.) Cavern of Darkness from two years ago was very popular and was (in my opinion) one of the better houses that season.
The clowns from years past may be making a return to Festa Italia, but I’m told it is not yet set in stone. Speaking of Festa, Cursed is gone and is likely not going to be replaced. I’m not sure what the reason behind not using that land would be, perhaps props are being consolidated and there aren’t enough for Cursed anymore.
In regards to Festhaus Park, everyone is well aware by now that construction for the 2012 coaster is underway. Apparently the park would like to be far enough along in the process to use both old Drachen Fire buildings, but cut the scarezone which inhabited the field in years prior. Obviously delays in construction can have a direct effect on whether or not Festhaus Park is open at all during HOS, but they are making solid plans to use the buildings at this point.
Make sure you check back soon as we’ll be getting lots of info in the next months. Also, don’t be afraid to head over to the FORUMS to get the latest news as it breaks.

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