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James City County Planning Commission Reveals More Coaster Details
By Chris Posted in Featured on January 5, 2011 0 Comments 1 min read
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The JCC Planning Commission met tonight, with one of the items being discussed being the multi-launch coaster set to open in 2012. The meeting provided more details about the coaster. The Big Bad Wolf station will be used again as the station for the new ride. The first launch will apparently send the train into the new building, where the coaster will spend a good amount of time and will, no doubt, be filled with dark ride effects. The ride will stay close to the ground for the most part and the remaining launches will be done inside the building. The end of the coaster will follow the original layout of the end of the Big Bad Wolf and will use some of the original footers. It would appear this means that we can in fact expect a drop over the Rhine River.
A satellite image shown during the presentation showed the “themed bridge” as being located where the final brake run for the Big Bad Wolf was. We will continue to update you as more details come in.
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