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New Information About The 2012 Coaster
By Chris Posted in Featured on February 20, 2011 0 Comments 1 min read
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We’ve heard from multiple independent sources that the 2012 multi-launch will have a very unique start to the ride. According to the sources the train will back on to a platform, rotate 90 degrees up, launch straight up to a vertical turntable, turn the train around so the riders are facing down, then drop and go through the remainder of the ride. I’ll give you a moment to digest that.
Here some specific quotes the I’ve been told:

This is hard to explain without giving anything away directly. Basically, from what we were told, the entire train will move backwards onto a platform that will rotate you 90 degrees, shoot you up, stop you, flip you on your stomach, hold you for 5 seconds, then let you drop and continue the ride.

shoots you straight up, whips you around, a drop like griffon “and then the ride begins”

It sounds like not only a unique ride for the park, but a unique ride period. I’m familiar with rides that take advantage of a horizontal turntable, like Journey to Atlantis or Revenge of the Mummy, but being on a vertical turntable will be quite an interesting experience if this rumor turns out to be totally true.
We’ll keep digging for more info on this, so stay tuned!
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