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Sad News From The Park
By Chris Posted in Featured on April 30, 2011 0 Comments 1 min read
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Last night at 8:30, the park’s new Clydesdale colt, Tristan, died from a highly resistant bacterial infection. According to the park, the foal was responding well to treatment early on Thursday, but the condition became worse as the day progressed. According to Jay Tacey, Manager of Zoological Operations at the park, “Tristan was under veterinarian care from the the time he was born. From the moment we thought there was an issue with his health, we transported him to an off-site veterinarian facility that was prepared to deal with any health issues. His death is unfortunate, and he will be missed.” Tristan was born on April 5 of 2011.
The Clydesdales have long been associated with both Busch Gardens parks, so important in fact that even with the removal of the A-B Clydesdales, the park put new Clydesdales in their place.
This is definitely sad news for the park and any guest who watched a video, participated in the naming or visited the young colt at the park.
Press Release (PDF)
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