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Verbolten Track On Site
By Chris Posted in Featured on October 5, 2011 0 Comments 1 min read
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A series of confirmations from multiple sources (all believable and at least one very solid) have stated at least some of the track for the new coaster, Verbolten, is on Busch property and is painted black. There have been a number of people who have assumed the black track is only for the inside portion of the coaster, which is not a flawed thought in itself. However, it seems people have overlooked the theme of the coaster and/or assumed the track would be the same as concept art we’ve seen before. A black track fits the theme of this coaster perfectly as most roads are black and this coaster has a car theme.
There is no confirmation that the track that’s been spotted isn’t just for the indoor portion, but don’t be surprised to see black track throughout. No pictures of the track have gotten out yet as it is in a portion of the employee lot not used for employee parking and blocked off visually, but the sources are solid and the track can apparently be seen from the top of Griffon.
If you head out to the park this weekend feel free to let us know if you spotted the track during your Griffon ride. One note, please don’t pull out your camera or phone on Griffon to try and get a pic and don’t break any laws trying to be the first to get some pictures from somewhere you’re not supposed to be. Not worth it, we’ll see the track in all its glory soon enough.

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