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IllumiNights 2012 Update and More (June 11th)
By Zachary Posted in Featured on June 13, 2012 0 Comments 3 min read
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Yes, this update is a few days late. Sorry about that. I was waiting for a few things to be fixed before I published it. Anyway, we have some general park updates, some pictures of the park’s preparations for its yearly IllumiNights event, and even a bit of news about the site in today’s update. Also, you might want to check out the More Pet Shenanigans highlight reel we put together as well. If you’d like to see the full show, it is linked at the end of the video. Without further adieu, enjoy the update!
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[li]On Monday, DarKastle’s preshow room and fireplace were both working once again; however, the fog in the first scene, which had been working over the weekend, was out of commission once again.[/li]
[li]The clocks shop in Rhinefield has been almost entirely cleared out and replaced with some sort of jewelry shop. They didn’t do an ounce of renovation and the random display cases they have lining the walls look really bad and terribly out of place. I hope they do something to clean it up a bit in the coming weeks.[/li]
[li]After another few days of downtime, Verbolten is once again up and running. Hopefully they can keep it going for a bit longer than the last time. I would hate to be one of those poor tourists who just happened to have planned their trip for the beginning of this week just to get to the park and hear that Verbolten wouldn’t be opening at all that day.[/li]
[li]The Quick and Easy Mixes shop in New France has, sadly, disappeared. No more strawberry cheesecake dip.[/li][/list]
Preparation has begun for IllumiNights 2012 which debuts on July 1st. All of the shows will be basically the same as last year except for in Oktoberfest where the world’s largest cuckoo clock (last year’s “show”) has been replaced by some (very odd sounding) show about farm animals. Can’t say that I have very high expectations for that…
Anyway, onto the pictures. Also, no, there aren’t any pictures of the new farm animal show. From what I could tell, nothing has been installed yet. Update: Check out this post for some Wunderbarn pictures!

[dropcap2]Site News[/dropcap2]
For the time being, the BGWFans Wiki has been taken offline to improve the overall stability of the site. As you may have noticed, we have been experiencing some pretty rough downtime during the last week or so. We traced down a few reasons for this (one of which was part of the Wiki) and are working to fix them. Thanks for your patience! Also, change is, once again, in the air at Pa… um, I mean Stay tuned.
And lastly, if you haven’t had your daily dose of cute yet, here’s our More Pet Shenanigans highlight reel. If you’re looking for the full show, it’s linked at the end of the video. Would you like to see more highlight reels like this one for the other shows at the park? Let us know in the comments below. Anyway, enjoy!

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