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Verbolten and IllumiNights Update (June 18th)
By Zachary Posted in Featured on June 19, 2012 0 Comments 2 min read
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Disclaimer: This isn’t really a major update but more of a follow-up to the last one. You’ll want to check it out as well for a more complete view of everything going on at the park lately.
Two of our forum members, kingadam and jtrothrock, were both at the park yesterday when they spotted something interesting: Water dummies sitting in Verbolten’s illusive yellow train. That’s right, a month after Verbolten opened, we’re finally seeing signs of life from the yellow train. It’s still sitting in the same spot in the maintenance bay, but it would seem the park is testing it overnight. From what I understand, the train will need to start its testing process all over as if it were a whole new train. Hopefully, if nothing goes wrong, we’ll see the yellow train out on the track within the next few weeks. Anyway, you can see some pictures of the water dummies sitting in the yellow train posted by the two members listed above, here. If you don’t know what happened to the mysterious yellow train, you might want to read this.
A third member from our forums, Atlantis, went to the park today and was able to take pictures of some of the lights and props being added for this year’s only new IllumiNights show, Wunderbarn. There are also a few pictures of the decorations that have been put up on the San Marco/Oktoberfest bridge. If you’re looking for pictures of the preparations for the other IllumiNights shows, you might want to check out the pictures in last week’s update as well as the ones included below.


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