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Verbolten, Entwined, and More (March 30th)
By Zachary Posted in Featured on April 1, 2012 0 Comments 4 min read
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[list style=”2″][li]The doors to DarKastle’s pre-show room are broken and the queue has gone back to basically what it was last year. Apparently they expect to have the doors fixed within the next few weeks. Not really a great thing to have happen right before Spring Break.[/li][li]The park has some new Blackface Sheep named Lia, Coara, Bryce, Lily, and Rhosyn[/li][li]A Golden Eagle named Aquila now has an enclosure set up in New France near Alpengeist[/li][li]The Royal Palace Theater has had a boatload of seats added this year as previously rumored.[/li][li]Bistro 205 has been converted into a full service restaurant as previously rumored. It wasn’t operating today, but it should be soon. UPDATE: PzP from the BGWFans Forums reports that Bistro 205 was open on the 31st and has included pictures of the full menu here.[/li][/list]

Entwined premiered last weekend but this weekend is the first chance I had to check it out. I won’t bore you with a full review so instead I’ll just list some quick observations and thoughts about it.[list style=2][li]Entwined is a great children’s show. It truly is very well done- for a children’s show. Children absolutely adore the thing. I’ve never seen children’s faces glued to one thing for so long at the park. Did I mention that it’s a children’s show? If you expected differently, you will be disappointed.[/li][li]Entwined doesn’t feel ready for its debut. Like we heard talk of last weekend, yesterday the show had a ton of problems. Light, sound, stage, and even some of the gymnast acts didn’t work or didn’t flow smoothly. From a mushroom breaking in half while a kid was sitting on it to the guy who had to come out with a power drill and remove the broken mushroom to people’s microphones just not working- the show has a lot of problems. I understand you’ll see some hiccups, but Entwined just wasn’t ready.[/li][li]The show has talent. There were a bunch of new faces in Entwined and all of them are quite talented. It’s almost a shame to see their talent, well, wasted in a children’s show.[/li][li]Entwined fills a void in the park’s lineup. The park needs a kids show that fits the theme of the park. Elmo doesn’t count. Entwined would have worked remarkably well in the Globe.[/li][li]It doesn’t fit the theme at all. How you walk into a beer hall (soon to be staffed with beer maidens) and end up in a theater for a children’s show themed around the black forest is beyond me.[/li][li]Unlike This is Oktoberfest, Entwined is a theatrical production- something that, at least in my opinion, doesn’t fit inside the park’s main eatery.[/li][/list]
Basically it’s a great show that suffers from an inappropriate location and theme. Here are the pictures I took but be warned: They’re not that great. The camera I’m currently having to use doesn’t preform very well in low-light situations. I hope you enjoy them anyway.

Here is my recording of Entwined from Friday. I’m sorry for the subpar audio quality- hopefully I’ll be able to re-record it sometime soon.

Most everything that has changed since the last update is small theming and landscaping details. The ride is really starting to come together. Say what you will about the theme and how it fits with the park, but you can’t say that they haven’t done an excellent job with sticking to the ride’s theme and making it blend with the park’s terrain.

Want more? Here’s a video taken from the Rhine River Cruise that should give you a good idea of size and scale if you haven’t seen it in person yet.

And now I’ll close with a video of CoachDad, a member of the BGWFans Forums, proposing to his girlfriend at Celtic Fyre on the 30th. The proposal was organized by a few people from BGWFans who worked with the park to make it happen. Enjoy!


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