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Verbolten's Yellow Train Lives!
By Zachary Posted in Featured on July 11, 2012 0 Comments 2 min read
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When the park opened this morning, guests were greeted with a disappointing sight: Verbolten was, once again, down. Now, for those of you who don’t know, Verbolten has had some serious downtime troubles since it opened almost two months ago. On top of the annoying downtime, the on-ride video system still has yet to work, the headlights have only been working on the blue train, and the yellow train hasn’t even run. Anyway, around 11:30 the ride began testing and, to everyone’s great surprise, the illusive yellow train was on the tracks. After a few minutes of testing, Verbolten started taking riders. The yellow train has finally returned. Now, lets not get all excited just yet. Though the yellow train is running, red is now off the tracks and sitting in the maintenance bay (picture) so we still have yet to see five trains run at the same time. Regardless, this puts the park one step closer to getting the ride up to where it was originally meant to be at opening.
Now onto the things you really want to see: Pictures and video.
[dropcap2]Atlantis’s Pictures[/dropcap2]
One of our forum mods, Atlantis, was at the park today and sent in some pictures of the yellow train in action. You can follow Atlantis on Twitter, here.

[dropcap2]Nick Cox‘s Video[/dropcap2]

This video was provided by Nick Cox (@Coasterdood16 on Twitter). Thanks Nick!


[dropcap2]Jordan Ford‘s Video[/dropcap2]

Another friend of the site, Jordan Ford (@JordanFord on Twitter) was also at the site today and provided us with some video. Check it out! Thanks Jordan!



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