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Le Scoot Fiberglass Replacement
By Zachary Posted in Featured on November 30, 2013 0 Comments 3 min read
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Around this time last year you may remember BGWFans reporting on the lift replacement happening on Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Arrow log flume, Le Scoot. Well, it turns out that was only step one of a multiyear Le Scoot refurbishment. What’s happening this year? It sounds as though the park is refurbishing and/or replacing much, if not all, of the ride’s fiberglass flume pieces. Needless to say, this is a rather massive undertaking and is far from what would be considered “typical maintenance”. What’s involved you ask?
Basically, they’re completely removing each of the ride’s flume pieces one by one and trucking them offsite. What happens past that point, I’m not exactly sure but regardless of whether they’re being refurbished or replaced, it’s clear that this project represents a fairly large investment by the park and, much like I said last year when we leaked the lift replacement project last year, it’s an investment I applaud the park for making. Le Scoot is one of only a very small handful of attractions that have been operating since the park opened in 1975 and, as these original attractions (and the park as a whole) reach their 40th birthdays come 2015, I hope to see them celebrated in some form or fashion.
It may be wishful thinking, but my fingers are crossed in hope that there’s a part three to this project for next year that will involve bringing back some of the ride’s original effects- most notably the triggered spotlight on the sawblade and the saw noises. I’d love to see the exterior of the sawmill building receive from serious TLC as well- it has been looking very rough lately.
Anyway, all that said, I know why you’re all here: You want to see pictures. Well, fortunately, one of our best known forum members, ChickenKing, was kind enough to brave the crowds at the park on Friday to get us some pictures showing the spaces left by the flume pieces that have been removed thus far. Enjoy the pictures and be sure to thank ChickenKing for his continued support of the site and community!

As you can probably tell, Le Scoot is anything but an easy thing to photograph this time of year. Any paths that take you close to it are closed and even with most of the leaves off the trees now, much of the ride’s layout is still masked by branches and whatnot. That said, we’ll try to keep you all updated on the progress of this rather exciting project. It’s not bringing anything shiny and new, but it’s not often that you get to see a large ride taken apart only to be put back together again afterward. Pretty neat stuff.
Additionally, if we get anymore pictures over the next few days, they’ll be added to this post. If you’d like to be notified in the case that an update to this post occurs, by all means, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We’ll post to both channels if/when an update occurs plus you’ll get any other news we publish.
Lastly, thanks again to ChickenKing for the footwork and pictures and our sources who were kind enough to clue us in! Tis very much appreciated on both accounts!

Update 1

Nic, another of our forum members, went to the park on Saturday and was kind enough to pass along these two pictures. Thanks Nic!

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