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New Show Coming to Das Festhaus in 2013 and More!
By Zachary Posted in Featured on February 4, 2013 0 Comments 3 min read
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Das Festhaus Will House Two Shows for 2013

A This is Oktoberfest-Style Show Is Returning To Das Festhaus for 2013

It’s true. After last year’s horrifically disappointing debut of Entwined, it was clear to everyone that major changes needed to take place. Well, today, we can finally share what we’ve been told to expect in 2013. Before continuing, a huge thanks goes out to Glissade13 who was able to corroborate what we’d been told. We wouldn’t be releasing what we know as soon as we are if it hadn’t have been for Glissade13’s post. Anyway, here’s what we can say:
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A classic, This is Oktoberfest-style show is planned to return to the park sometime in 2013. I’m not sure if we’re looking at an opening day premier or a late Spring debut similar to Entwined’s last year.
I don’t believe a final name has been selected as of yet. With that said, I’ve heard both This is Oktoberfest and Roll Out The Barrel have been tossed around as options. For anyone who doesn’t know the origins of the name Roll Out The Barrel, it was the name of the planned This is Oktoberfest replacement that was ultimately replaced by Entwined.
As the title of this section would imply, Entwined will be returning in 2013. In fact, Entwined will be sharing Das Festhaus with this new show. The details are a bit lacking at the moment, but it seems that Entwined will be playing during the day with the new Oktoberfest show taking over in the late afternoon.

Entwined Is Still Getting a 2nd Chance

Fortunately, all hope for Entwined is not lost. I’ve been told that the park has brought in a good amount of outside talent in hopes that they can clean up the show. With that said, everything I’ve been told says that the majority of time, effort, and money is going into the new This is Oktoberfest-style show.

New Boneyard Pictures

An anonymous user who goes by the name HOSBGWFAN has posted two new pictures showing a Big Bad Wolf car and a few Le Mans cars sitting in the park’s boneyard. It really is a shame to see them sitting out in the elements like this.

Full quality, unwatermarked versions of the pictures above can be found on our forums, here. Thanks for posting them HOSBGWFAN!

Ticket Booth Construction Has Begun

As rumored, the park has removed the left-most ticket booth in order to make room for a new entrance archway. Sadly, because getting proper pictures is impossible without trespassing, we don’t have any evidence to show you. For more information on what all is happening, you can check out this post.

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