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Water Country USA Announces Colossal Curl
By Zachary Posted in Featured on November 12, 2013 0 Comments 2 min read
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Today Water Country USA announced the extensively leaked ProSlide WorldALLEY that we’ve been expecting to see unveiled for a few weeks now. Because the official plans have been leaked, there really isn’t much new information here aside from the colors, the name, and a few very minor details. That said, we’ve managed to collect basically everything you need below. Enjoy!
First off, the name, as the title of this post would imply, is Colossal Curl. I can’t say I’m really a fan of the name (at all) but it is what it is I suppose. Next up we have the color scheme. They seem to have chosen a bit of an odd baby blue and gold paint job for their latest project that, much like the name, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of. That said, now that we have actual renders of the slide itself to accompany the plans that were leaked before, I’m a bit more impressed with the attraction itself. The renders can be found below:

Those renders were pulled out of the park’s official announcement video which I’ve embedded below if you’re interested in watching it.

In addition to the name, the colors, and the slide renders, the park also released the slide’s logo which can be seen below.

What do you all think of Colossal Curl? Our forum thread for Water Country USA’s 2014 project is buzzing right now. If you’d like to jump in and toss out your own opinions, feel free to do so here. Also, if any new information comes out in the next few days regarding Colossal Curl, this post will be updated to reflect whatever we learn. Stay tuned!

Colossal Curl Water Country USA

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