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Water Country USA's 2014 Project Revealed
By Zachary Posted in Featured on November 8, 2013 0 Comments 3 min read
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Well, we certainly didn’t plan to share this stuff so early, but it seems someone else pulled the trigger before we were planning to do it ourselves. So, in light of that, we might as well have a bit of fun on an otherwise dull Friday afternoon. Enjoy!
[iconbox title=”Update: Colossal Curl Has Been Announced!” icon=”info”]Water Country USA’s 2014 Project, Colossal Curl, has now been officially announced. Though you may find the plans below interesting, if you’re just now seeing this post, you may want to check out our official post on the slide’s announcement, here.[/iconbox]
If you haven’t been following the park’s social media channels lately, you may not know that the park has been teasing a new ride for 2014 at Water Country USA. Though the videos they’ve posted thus far are rather cringeworthy, they have provided a few hints as to what we can expect. If you feel so inclined, you can watch them below:
[tabs id=”WCUSA_2014_Videos” tabs=”Video 1,Video 2,Video 3″]
As you can see, those videos don’t exactly tell us all that much. Fortunately, this is BGWFans and BGWFans has a reputation for going beyond what the park releases. That’s what we’re doing today. One of our highly trusted sources passed along a few things that we think you may enjoy. For a lot of these pictures, you’re probably going to want to hit the “View Full Size” link in the bottom right as the original images are absolutely massive and the text will be completely unreadable otherwise.

Judging by the plans, this is a ProSlide WorldALLEY featuring a Tornado 24 horizontal funnel and a TornadoWAVE quarter pipe. Another thing we can gleam from the plans is the slide’s location. It will be positioned just to the left of the entrance plaza with the slide’s tower bordering Water Country Parkway. This area was previously where Atomic Breakers was located a few years back and currently houses the small wildlife exhibit, Conservation Cove. It’s unknown whether or not Conservation Cove will be relocated or removed.
As we manage to pull more information out of the plans above as well as the rest of the documents we have, we’ll update this post with whatever we find. Whenever an update to this post happens, I’ll be sure to post something mentioning it to both our Twitter account and our Facebook page so keep an eye on both of those channels over the coming days.

Colossal Curl Water Country USA

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