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Colossal Curl On-Site & Bavaria Parking Lot Expansion
By Zachary Posted in Featured on February 17, 2014 0 Comments 2 min read
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If you follow BGWFans, this has been a very quiet off-season for us thus far. We’ve already posted about the ongoing Rhine River floating bridge replacement project and the continued Le Scott renovations, but aside from those things, we’ve been pretty silent thus far. There have been a few reasons for that, but I won’t bother explaining them here. Instead, lets get back to doing what we do best. First construction update of the year? I think yes. Enjoy!

Colossal Curl Tubes On-Site

Seeing that Colossal Curl began showing up on site a while back this isn’t exactly news, but yesterday was the first day I had a chance to get over there myself to check it out. Before I get to the pictures, let me just say that these tubes are massive. I don’t know exactly how they compare in size to Water Country USA’s other slides, but they really do look rather, well, colossal.


Bavaria Parking Lot Expansion

Though I don’t think anyone really knows why the park is spending the time and money to add 500 spaces to their parking infrastructure (seeing that they only hit capacity two or three times last season max and basically everyone agrees that the park really can’t handle more people inside the gates right now), that’s neither here nor there- it’s happening. Certainly not the most interesting project, but the massive loss of trees is definitely notable. Honestly, driving down Route 60, I have no clue how James City County approved this. It’s certainly not the park’s fault (it is a parking lot after all), but it makes the whole area look absolutely horrible.  You can get a look at how it was before using Google StreetView [embedded below] followed by the pictures I took of the site yesterday.
[streetview width=”100%” height=”250px” lat=”37.244073″ lng=”-76.65589699999998″ heading=”113.69289594503293″ pitch=”10.280511061996634″ zoom=”1″][/streetview]

Anyway, stay tuned for more coverage heading up to the park’s opening in just under a month! If you’re wondering, the best way to do so is to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook– both of those pages see content you won’t find here on the front page. In addition to those two accounts, following the Busch Gardens Williamsburg board on the ParkFans Forum isn’t a bad idea either- lots of interesting stuff is always happening there.

Colossal Curl Coming 2014 Water Country USA

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