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Tempesto Construction Update #3
By Zachary Posted in Featured, Updates on October 8, 2014 2 Comments 1 min read
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[iconbox title=”Previous Tempesto Update” icon=”info”]If you missed our September 23rd update, you can check it out here![/iconbox]
After a bit of a delay (mainly caused by helping out with KDFans), it’s finally time for another Tempesto construction update! Today we bring some rather massive news: We have footers! In addition to the sudden appearance of a few fully completed footers, more pile driving is taking place on the Roman Rapids side of the site as well. Normally I’d try to throw a few more words at you all before I send you off to look at the latest pictures; but honestly, I don’t have much else to say other than there’s dirt, pile driving, heavy machinery, and, most importantly, footers!
Anywho, enjoy the pictures!

I hope you enjoyed our latest Tempesto update! You can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to keep up with Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s progress on Tempesto and much, much more! Stay tuned!


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  1. Not related, but I just got back from BG Tampa for the first time. While BGW is much prettier, the coasters at Tampa are so much better. Although nessie is still my favorite, Cheetah Hunt was pretty awesome. Kumba was good too. They were also doing a massive set up for howloscream. Haven’t been to HOS in WB yet, but their Park seemed much more conducive for it.

  2. This park has turned into a joke. Very dissatisfied with my visit yesterday. First off the front gate people were joking around making for around a minute wait to get in to park. Causing a traffic jam on the interstate. I have been 5 times during hallowscream and the mach tower has been broken down each time. The haunt mazes are a joke. They pour so much smoke in the pathways people are walking right into each other. The dorks they have dressed up have to sneak up behind you to scare you. I about punched one in the face. The coasters are in desperate need of paint. Got a pretzel that was harder than a brick. People were stumbling all around obviously drunk. I smelt marijuana in the bathrooms, in line for griffon, in line for root of all evil. These are things that I would not expect out of a world class park like Busch Gardens. I grew up going to this park. And I am very disappointed they are putting a piece of crap like that premier launch ride in. They say Verbolten cost.more than Alpengeist and griffon put together. Someone is not doing their job (s)