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Star Spangled Nights Construction & Highland Cattle
By Zachary Posted in Featured, Updates on July 2, 2014 3 Comments 3 min read
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As I’m sure many of you have noticed, it has been a while since we’ve had a photo update to share. Why? Well because, in all honesty, aside from dumping paint on The Globe Theatre, the park really hasn’t been up to all that much lately. Anyway, today’s post focuses on preparations for the park’s latest thematically-questionable summertime event, Star Spangled Nights, as well as the addition of Scottish Highland Cattle to a plot of land between Banbury Cross and Heatherdowns. Enjoy!

Star Spangled Nights

I’m going to start things off with Star Spangled Nights, Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s new American patriotism-themed special event located primarily in the park’s San Marco hamlet. If this is the first time you’re hearing the name Star Spangled Nights, you may remember it as Americana, the internal working name for the event we leaked earlier this year. The blaring thematic problems introduced by hanging American flags all over San Marco (San ‘Merica?) and dropping a giant foam replica of the Statue of Liberty into the center of Da Vinci’s Garden are painfully obvious so I’ll avoid rehashing all of that here. Instead, I’m just going to give you pictures because, honestly, I’m fairly certain that those alone will garner quite the reaction from many of you.
First up, we have DaVinci’s Garden of Inventions. It’s actually quite sad to see what is widely regarded (historically at least) as one of the park’s most beautiful areas turned into whatever this is. Regardless, thanks a ton to Luke for the picture.

Next up we have Victory Canteen because, you know, nothing says ‘Merica like a ton of booze. These pictures come courtesy of Luke as well.

If you’ve ever been to a Busch Gardens special event before, you’re probably wondering where the glow booth is. Worry not, Star Spangled Nights has your glow toy needs covered as well.

In addition to the new structures above, the park has also thrown red, white, and blue tinsel, banners, signs, and more all over the hamlet. A few of these pictures were provided by Luke so, once again, thank him for running to the park this afternoon!

Even the Rhine River Cruise boats have gotten in on the ‘Merica action. Fantastic.

Because I know everyone is itching to make it to this glorious new event as soon as humanly possible, Star Spangled Nights starts July 3rd and runs through August 10th.

Scottish Highland Cattle

Ok, that’s enough horrible jingoism for now. How about some pleasant, happy news? Sound good? I agree. Luckily, we have some: A pair of Scottish Highlands have taken up residence between Banbury Cross and Heatherdowns next to the Aeronaut Skyride station. Though Rose and Thistle have been on property for well over a month now, this last weekend was the first time they’ve been brought out into their new enclosure inside the park. Below are a few pictures of the two of them in their new habitat.

I honestly find Rose and Thistle to be a delightful addition to the park. Over the last few years we’ve seen an impressive number of smaller animal exhibits popping up in previously vacant corners of the park and I really do hope that’s a trend we see continue into the future. Even just livestock like the new Highlands or the park’s collection of sheep somehow manage to add quite a bit of pleasant charm to the park’s atmosphere- something Busch Gardens Williamsburg desperately needs more of these days.

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  1. I actually like the Star Spangled Nights decor…BUT (and a lot more but’s) what on earth is it doing in a EUROPEAN-THEMED park for goodness sakes??? It just doesn’t fit. Maybe it’d fit better at a Six Flags or a Cedar Fair park, or some other park, but not BGW. That’s my opinion. 😛 Anyways…
    Oh, and Thistle and Rose are cool! I can’t wait to see them during my family’s next visit to the park!:)

  2. ‘Merica is soo bad ass it builds detailed replicas of other countries and then explodes it’s red-white-& blue all over it, ’cause we know it’s they wanted it!

  3. Everyone is right! A for profit company looking to capitalize on an American holiday in America?! Shameful!!! What’s next, employees in the German, French and Italian parts of the park speaking English?!