Well, judging by the feedback I got from the first edition of the BGWFans Town Crier, this is certainly a format you all want to see more of. Glad you all enjoyed it! Anyway, before I jump into this weeks Town Crier, I’ll take a moment to plug the BGWFans March Almanac that came out a few days ago. If you want to keep up with what’s going to be happening this month at the park, that post is definitely worth a read. Now, with all that out of the way…
Oyez, Oyez, Oyez! ‘Tis time for the second edition of the BGWFans Town Crier!

Water Country USA Colossal Curl Photo Update

First off we have a Colossal Curl photo update from our very own part-time ninja, ChickenKing. I’ve included the more notable pictures below, but if you’d like to see the rest he took, check out his post, here. As you’ll be able to tell from the pictures below, the big news since our last update is that the ProSlide Tornado 24 has been put together and is now sitting in the parking lot. Anyway, enjoy the pictures and a huge thanks to ChickenKing for getting over to Water Country USA to grab them for us!

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Current Status of Europe in the Air

One of our largest stories of last season was the abrupt closure of Europe in the Air, the park’s largely-despised motion simulator themed to, uh, air sledding (…?), over Europe. (Spoiler: Yes, it’s a Soarin’ knockoff.) Anyway, its closure is old news- why is everyone’s least favorite simulator back in the news? Well, since the attraction (if it can be called that) closed, the big question has been “What’s next?” Well, it’s starting to look more and more likely that the follow-up to Europe in the Air is, in fact, more Europe in the Air. As one of our forum members, Alpenscoot, pointed out, after months and months of being listed as “Closed for the season“, Europe in the Air is, once again, listed alongside all the park’s other attractions without any notices attached to it just as if it had been operating flawlessly this whole time.
Now, you may be wondering why I’d run this story considering that the park’s site has been so very wrong about such things in the past. Well, the answer is, if that was all I was working off of, this story wouldn’t be here. In addition to it showing back up on the park’s site, I’ve been told by a few trusted sources that Europe in the Air appears ready to open. By the sounds of it all barriers and coverings have been removed from the ride’s entrance and facade- something that hasn’t happened since the ride originally closed. There’s always a chance this too could mean nothing and the park is simply preparing to remove the ride’s signage all together, but this information, combined with the change to the park’s site, warrants mentioning in my book.

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New Summertime Event Rumors & Possible Name

We’ve known IllumiNights, the park’s previous (and largely hated) summertime event was dead after the 2013 season since October and we’ve known a replacement was planned for just as long but, till now, we really hadn’t heard much about what the park wanted to do this summer. “Till now?” you ask? Yes, till now. This week I was given the green light to leak the theme and working name of the park’s new summertime event which is currently in development for 2014. What is it you ask?


Think you misread that? Perfectly reasonable. Here it is again: Americana. As the working name for the event would imply, the current plan is to celebrate America inside the European-themed Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg, VA throughout the course of the park’s main operating season. I really don’t have to say much more here. Feel free to voice your opinion about the prospect of such a thing occurring in the forum thread linked below though. Needless to say, if this whole concept sounds like an awful nightmare to you, you’ll be in good company in the Americana thread.

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The Maypole Show Has Been Cancelled

As we reported in last week’s BGWFans Town Crier, Busch Gardens Williamsburg planned to bring back the much loved Maypole show in front of Das Festhaus. Well, as you’re probably accustomed to if you follow the park’s entertainment department, plans change constantly. Unfortunately the Maypole show is one of those things this year. This week I was informed that the park has canned the Maypole show in hopes to recover from some deep cuts being imposed on the Globe Theatre and Banbury Cross projects by people much higher than local park management. In other words, by the sounds of it, if you’re looking for someone to blame, look to Orlando this time. Very unfortunate news, but it sounds like the park’s entertainment leadership is just trying to make the best out of a really awful situation at this point. I hope they can get things together quick…

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Todd’s Miracles Recording

As I’m sure you all know, BGWFans records and posts show videos all the time on our YouTube channel, but, if you’ve ever watched one, you’ve probably noticed that, though the production quality is typically plenty acceptable, not much time is actually put into making them look stellar. Well, fortunately, someone far more talented than myself does invest the time and effort required to make stellar videos of the park’s shows. Todd, or ToddF on our forum, regularly provides, by far, the greatest recordings of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s shows available. Anyway, this week he finished and uploaded his multi-angle recording of Christmas Town 2013’s fantastic Il Teatro di San Marco show, Miracles.

If you enjoyed that video and would like to see more, check out Todd’s playlist of edited Busch Gardens Williamsburg show videos, here. Fantastic work as always Todd!

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ChickenKing’s Howl-O-Scream & Christmas Town Videos

Continuing his series of Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2013 videos, ChickenKing has released two more videos looking back at the park’s 38th operating season. Check them out below! As always, thanks a ton for sharing CK!



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Nic’s Concept for Touring Theater Companies at BGW

Last, but certainly not least, we have a brilliant idea from the concepts board posted by one of our forum members, Nic. There have been some truly fantastic things that have come out of the concepts board on our forum over the years- some are great because they offer unique solutions to fix extremely complex problems, others because they present complete and in-depth ideas in a clean and friendly format, and then, every so once in a while, you have a remarkably simple yet still completely brilliant “so crazy it could totally work” idea out of left field. Nic’s idea, to bring external theater companies in to perform shows in the park’s Globe Theatre on a pre-announced scheduled similar to the park’s concert series is, the quintessential example of that last category. I highly recommend you check out the thread at the link below- it’s well worth a read and, by all means, throw out your thoughts on it too.

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I hope you all enjoyed this weeks BGWFans Town Crier! If you’d like to keep up with BGWFans, feel free to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! Thanks for the continued support everyone!