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Tempesto Construction Update #6
By Matthew Posted in Featured, Updates on January 5, 2015 0 Comments 1 min read
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It’s time for another Tempesto Construction update! If you missed the last one it can be viewed here. Because the park is now closed till sometime in March, this will most likely be the last in-park Tempesto construction update for a while.
Over the last couple weeks, Tempesto has been growing like a weed. On the 31st alone, I saw substantial progress made between my arrival at the park (around 2pm) and when I took the pictures for this post (around 4pm). Multiple pieces of track and supports were erected on the second tower in that two hour time frame alone. The on-going construction even caused a delayed opening of Holiday Hills (Festa Italia) on New Year’s Eve. The first tower, which is the one closest to Apollo’s Chariot, was completely finished as of the 31st, and the second tower was nearly finished as well— missing just a single piece of track by the end of the day. All the park has left to construct is the in-line twist between the two towers and a couple pieces of track on the non-inverted loop.
Now it’s time for the real point of this post: the pictures.  Enjoy and make sure to pay attention to the captions!



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