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Project 2017 is Real
By Nicole Posted in Featured, News on January 31, 2016 One Comment 1 min read
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2017! That’s the year, guys!
It has been rumored for a while now that 2017 would be Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s next “coaster year.” There were many questions, when we leaked Tempesto’s plans in 2014, about why BGW would pick a clone for their next e-ticket attraction.  In fact, during construction, it was rumored that the Premier Rides Skyrocket II would only act as the “minor” addition in the park’s standard attraction cycle—like an expensive flat ride. Historically, Busch Gardens rotates between adding smaller attractions and major ones, making five to seven years the typical separation between e-ticket attractions.  By that calculus Busch Gardens Williamsburg should open a new, hopefully unique, roller coaster as early as 2017.
We aren’t just using calendar analysis and a Magic 8 Ball, when we say that 2017 is the year, however.  If you look here, you can view the video that Busch Gardens Williamsburg, themselves, published this week, teasing a new attraction that will require “clearing” and involve a “drop.” Our Forum members have already started speculating about what the park actually plans to build.  But if you can wait a bit, we think we may be able to share some juicy details with you soon!
Stay tuned here for developing coverage of the Busch Gardens 2017 project! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook, as well, to stay up to date, as we share all of the details we unearth about the park’s next e-ticket attraction!

Project 2017

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