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David Cromwell Returns to Virginia as Park President
By Zachary Posted in Featured, News on March 4, 2016 0 Comments 3 min read
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A mere two weeks after Carl Lum vacated the position of Busch Gardens Williamsburg Park President, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment has officially announced his replacement: David Cromwell. If you have followed the Williamsburg SEAS parks for a couple years now, this name may ring a bell. Who is he? Before becoming the Vice President of Aquatica at SeaWorld San Diego (SWSD), Mr Cromwell acted as Vice President of Water Country USA at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. SEAS has announced that he will step into his new role on April 1st, 2016.
As you will see when you look through his résumé below, David Cromwell has worked at nearly every level in the SeaWorld park structure—host, supervisor, manager, director, and vice president. Better yet, he has managed two different parks through major additions and managed the opening of an entire park. If his experience alone wasn’t enough, he also has a BA in Communication and a Masters in Business Administration—both of which are certainly excellent education qualifications for a park president.
Anyway, lets take a moment to run through his full professional history:

  • 1997: While still in high school, David Cromwell began working the front lines as a host at the Sea Lion & Otter Stadium at SeaWorld San Diego.
  • 2001: By his fourth year at SWSD, Cromwell had been promoted to a Guest Arrival Supervisor position.
  • 2004: Continuing his climb up the ladder, David Cromwell became a Guest Arrival Manager.
  • 2006: After only two years in a managerial position, Mr. Cromwell was promoted to Director of Operations at SeaWorld San Diego.
  • 2008: Continuing his habit of earning a major promotion every couple years, Cromwell became SWSD’s Vice President of Park Operations.
  • 2010: After another two years, for the first time ever, David Cromwell was given the opportunity to manage an entire park. The catch? That park was on the other side of the country. In June of 2010, he made the move and took the position of Vice President of Water Country USA at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.
  • 2012: After just two years at Water Country USA (spot a pattern?), David Cromwell was given another incredible new opportunity: He was offered the chance to manage a new SEAS park. In December of 2012, he returned to California to take the brand new position of Vice President of Aquatica at SeaWorld San Diego.
  • 2016: After three and a half years at Aquatica San Diego, David Cromwell will be named Busch Gardens Williamsburg Park President on April 1st, 2016.

David Cromwell appears to be an incredibly well-qualified candidate for the position of Busch Gardens Williamsburg Park President. The two years he spent in Williamsburg are a huge bonus to his list of credentials as well. During his time at Water Country USA, I never once heard a single complaint regarding the management style or competency within the park. I am absolutely thrilled that he has decided to return to Williamsburg and can’t wait to see where he takes our parks moving forward.

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