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Food & Wine Festival 2018: The Comprehensive Review
By Nicole Posted in Featured, Reviews on June 7, 2018 One Comment 1 min read
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As we promised in part one, we have compiled a comprehensive, dish-by-dish review of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s 2018 Food & Wine Festival.
Please keep in mind that these ratings reflect what we tasted on Memorial Day weekend.  Historically, the food at the event can vary dramatically throughout the day and across the weeks.
Below you will find both scores (out of five) and our thoughts, organized by booth.

Reflecting on past festivals, there are a few dishes that we would love to see return to the F&WF in 2019. That said, this was another good year for BGW’s tastiest event.
Once again, we would like to thank Renee, Meri, Thomas, Zimmy, and Luke for all of their help with this fairly massive undertaking.  We quite literally could not have done it without them.
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Food & Wine Festival Food & Wine Festival 2018

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