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FAA Height Waiver
By Zachary Posted in on August 27, 2019 0 Comments 1 min read
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On Monday, August 26th, Busch Gardens Williamsburg filed a height waiver with the Federal Aviation Administration requesting permission to construct a permanent structure with a highest point of 355 feet above existing grade (435 feet above sea level). Thankfully, this new filing gives us a little bit of new information to work with as well though!

First off, the height waiver finally gives us coordinates for the highest point of the structure. We have revised the map at the top of this page with the new location. Thankfully though, our previous assessments of the highest point were really close to being spot-on. Huge thanks to ParkFans member, Adam for all of his help on that front!

Another exciting new bit of information included in this waiver is the work schedule. According to this filing, BGW Project 2021 work could commence as soon as January 6th, 2020 and construction is expected to be completed by no later than June of 2021. Sounds like as of now, everything is still on track for Project 2021 actually being ready to open in 2021!

Anyway, I’ve included the FAA height waiver request below. We’ll be sure to update this section if (hopefully when!) it’s approved.

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