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Go-Karts Plus Planning Multi-Level Track
Family Entertainment Center Near Busch Gardens Williamsburg Proposes Major Attraction Addition
By Zachary Posted in News on February 24, 2022 One Comment 3 min read
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We’ve never written about Go-Karts Plus here on BGWFans, but our partner community, ParkFans, has long had a corner of the forum dedicated to the park’s discussion. For anyone who may be unaware, Go-Karts Plus is a family entertainment center located about 20 minutes west of Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It features a small roller coaster, a Zamperla Disk’O, a couple of kiddie flat rides, and a western-themed miniature golf course.

With that short introduction out of the way, why are we writing about Go-Karts Plus today? Well, long-time friend of the site, Adam, stumbled upon some exciting documents relating to a sizable new addition planned for the park—namely a large, multi-level Go-Kart track.

This new track seems to be a renovation/replacement and expansion of one of the park’s two current oval tracks, the Indy Track. The plans call for the construction of a new spiral track on the current site of the park’s parking lot-adjacent picnic shelter. New track will also be constructed to connect the left half of the existing oval course to the top and bottom of the new spiral.

The images below were included as part of Go-Kart Plus’ submittal to James City County requesting permission to construct this new attraction.

Another interesting tidbit can be found in Go-Kart Plus’ filing with the county as well. According to a late 2021 letter to the James City County Planning Commission that was signed by Jeff Miller, the General Manager of Go-Karts Plus, it sounds like this addition has been in the works for a while now.

Due to the pandemic, we were forced to delay moving forward with our elevated track this year [2021]. We have already spent time and money on preliminary preparations such as soil testing, surveying etc.

The letter goes on to state that Go-Karts Plus “would like to get started on this project ASAP.” Fortunately, this Conceptual Plan submission to the James City County Development Review Committee seems to have now been approved—hopefully opening the door for Go-Karts Plus to pursue this project further.

Earlier this month I stopped by Go-Karts Plus to take a look at the project site. Some photos of the area in question as of that point are included below.

Though we’re unlikely to publish any future coverage of this project here on the BGWFans frontpage (unless you people want to see that of course—let us know!), we’ll try to keep tabs on it from time to time via our social media channels—primarily Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram—and over on the ParkFans forum!

If you would like to see more coverage of other Hampton Roads-area attractions via BGWFans, let us know! If you want us to stick to Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA, we’re happy to hear that too! Thanks for reading!

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  1. I certainly am interested in hearing about this stuff even if no one else is speaking up. I know this for sure this will get me back there for a visit once it’s completed! Haven’t been back to GKP since college (and we shall not discuss what decade that was!)